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I am a character animator with a fusion of artistic ability and technical expertise. Proficient in Character Animation, Maya, Python, and MEL scripting languages, I bring a creative problem-solving approach to the technological and artistic problems of animation. I love contributing my skills and passion for animation to projects at the forefront of animation, innovation, and story-telling.

In 2023 I graduted from BYU Animation with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an Animation Emphasis. My studies were a unique mix of technical and artistic projects. I learned how to work on my own and with a team in a production environment. I am highly adaptable to new work environments and confident in my technological understanding to learn new technology.

Shortly after graduating my wife and I welcomed our first baby, Cambria. I love spending time with my family. When I get the occasional hour to myself, I love playing and watching soccer, playing Rocket League, watching Formula 1, and spending time in the sun. I also love taking trips to Disneyland and letting my gaurd down.


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